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Your air conditioner or A/C units are one of the important household appliances that we all invest in to make our home environment comforting. If your AC breaks down or stops circulating fresh air due to blockages, it is no less than a nightmare on that hot Texas summer day. AC breakdown can create huge discomfort, lack of sleep, and even increase your electricity bill if your AC is not functioning properly.

Circulation of dusty impure air can also create health and breathing problems, so it is essential to get your AC fixed and keep it well maintained for smooth year-round functioning. Below we list out a few of the most common AC issues that our customers have experienced.

If you have any of these don’t wait call us today!
Low coolant

A coolant is a liquid that removes heat and humidity from your homes and helps in reducing the room temperature. If your AC system has leakages or holes in the pipes or duct, this can lead to a low coolant condition. In this case, your AC loses its efficiency of cooling air and takes longer cooling time. It is advisable that you contact a repair service and seal all the leakages and get your coolant replaced for proper functioning.

Dirty Condenser coils

The condenser coils are part of the AC unit situated on the outside that throw the hot air out. Often in cities with high pollution levels or dry dust like here in San Antonio, the condenser coils get covered with layers of dust and pollutants. This can result in AC failures and increase the wear and tear of other AC components. It is recommended that you get the condenser coils deep cleaned from professionals to avoid such failures.

Leakage in Ducts

If you have long-running ducts across your home walls that cover a greater area which is typical in San Antonio homes, you will often encounter duct leakage due to holes in the ducts. This results in the loss of cold air in the duct walls and can increase your power bills. It is recommended that you hire a technician to identify and plug all the possible duct leakages for proper functioning.

Fan Issues

Every AC unit consists of two fans- an indoor fan to blow cold air inside and an outdoor fan to expel hot air out, if either of these fans is not working properly due to blockages, motor issues, blade problems then your AC can break down. It is advised that you check both your AC fans and their motors and get them replaced if required in such cases.

Cold Evaporator coils

The evaporator coils are filled with coolant and are responsible for sucking all the hot air in your homes and can fail due to the formation of layers of ice or if they get too cold. The circulation of warm air on the evaporator coils is essential to avoid their freezing, and in such cases, you might encounter more hot air coming out of your AC. This breakdown may require the replacement of evaporator coils by trained personnel.

Thermostat issues

The Thermostat is the control unit that helps you to monitor and control your room temperature. If your Thermostat is not calibrated properly or is not working properly you will not be able to instruct your AC unit correctly. This problem can be fixed by re calibrating the Thermostat or reprogramming it. You can reprogram your Thermostat by following instructions mentioned in the user manual, however, in some cases, re calibration can call for expert advice.

Now many of you might be rushing to fix your AC problems on your own, but it is recommended that you get professional help since the majority of AC parts are complex and high value. It is important that you install only branded and authorized AC components in case of repairs and avoid usage of fake or duplicate parts. It is important to hire authorized repair companies who have expertise in the HVAC sector to avoid maintenance fraud.

Feel free to contact us for free estimates and identifying areas of improvement in your air conditioning system. Our team of professionals will provide you a hassle-free repair service so that you can enjoy a well-functioning air-conditioned environment at home.


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