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1st Call Plumbing, Heating & Air’s San Antonio & New Braunfels, TX Air Conditioners

1st Call Plumbing, Heating & Air works with trusted manufacturers to provide high-quality, ENERGY STAR®-certified central air conditioners to San Antonio, New Braunfels, and surrounding area residents in need of a replacement AC unit. But we also provide superior repairs to existing systems and help keep air conditioners in prime working condition with annual check-ups. Our versatility is why you can trust us to deliver cool, comfortable, and evenly distributed air through the Texas summer.


Our Air Conditioning Services for Customers

1st Call Plumbing, Heating & Air provides a wide array of air conditioning services to our San Antonio, TX customers, as well as those living and working in the surrounding communities. We perform a range of services, but all of them fall under three broad categories:


Just as cars require basic at-home maintenance, oil changes, and tire rotations and alignments at the auto shop, air conditioners also require routine maintenance to operate at their optimal level. Some tasks can be done by the homeowner, such as keeping debris clear from the outdoor unit. Others require the expertise of trained professionals, and that’s where we come in. During your annual inspection, our certified technician will conduct an inspection of your entire system. We’ll scrub and lubricate difficult-to-reach condenser coils and indoor evaporator units, check the refrigerant, inspect drain pans and condensate drains, check motor blades, and much more.


Knowing when to repair an air conditioner issue and when to replace the unit altogether relies on a variety of considerations, including the cost of repairs vs. the cost of replacement, the age of your unit, and more. 1st Call Plumbing, Heating & Air will help you make an informed, educated decision. If you do decide to opt for repairs, we can resolve issues such as a noisy unit, a completely shut down AC, and uneven cool air dispersal through the home. You can trust us to work quickly and effectively.


If your unit breaks and is over ten years old, then it’s worth strongly considering replacing your air conditioner, even if it requires only minor repairs. The reason is because at this age, your unit will begin to more frequently have issues until it stops cooling completely. The good news is modern air conditioners are more energy-efficient than their predecessors and come complete with more sophisticated thermostat controls and money-saving capabilities. Contact 1st Call Plumbing & AC if you suspect you want a professional opinion on the benefits of adding a new unit.

Contact 1st Call Plumbing, Heating & Air Now for a Variety of Services

For air conditioning, heating, and plumbing services in Boerne, New Braunfels, San Antonio, surrounding areas, please feel free to contact us today. Our technicians are standing by to resolve whatever difficulties you’re facing.

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