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Clogged drains are such a nuisance and can slow you down. The sinks become ineffective, not to forget the drainage system from the bathroom. You have probably tried fixing this issue by yourself, but nothing seems to work. There is no better way to fix this problem than having professional plumbing and draining Services Company in San Antonio to do the cleaning for you. Our experts will do what they do best to ensure that your home becomes habitable again.

Causes of a clogged drain

The primary cause of a clogged drain is poor maintenance and neglecting your property. Other aspects that could contribute to this include;

  • Particle blockage: These include excessive food, hair and any items that are hard to flush.
  • Plant roots: If you have plants or trees around your property, the roots might grow too long to the extent of blocking the sewer.
  • Age:  The drainage may break or crack with age, and this makes it hard for it to pass water

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Clogged Shower Drain in San Antonio
Signs of a clogged drain

How do you know that it is time to contact a drain service company? Here are some of the top signs to look out for.

Water backups to the bathtub or sink:  If you notice water backing up out of a plugged drain, this is a sign that there is no passage and the drainage need to be cleaned.

Slow drainage: This is the most obvious indicator. Slow sink or tub drainage means that the passage is blocked and this is mainly caused by soap scum buildup.

The toilet fails to flush: If the toilet fails to flush or backup, the high chances are that the issue is originating from the drainage system thus preventing the flow of water.

Awful odor: Clogged drain can make your house inhabitable due to the bad smell coming from the drainage or the toilet. For starters, the toilet fails to flush, and then the clogged food particles eventually get smelly, thus making the house uncomfortable to live in.

Why choose us for clogged or blocked drain services?

If you are looking for a emergency plumbing services in San Antonio, we are the best choice for you and here is why;

We are experienced

We have been in the industry for 29 years, and you can trust that we will offer the best quality services. We understand our way into the drainage system, thus no chances of making mistakes. We have the skills and expertise to clean your drainage and detect any underlying issue before it gets out of hands.

Our commitment to seeing our clients satisfied has earned us an excellent reputation as one of the most trustworthy plumbing and drains company. We care about our clients, and we treat your property as ours, to ensure that we do not leave any traces behind.