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Install a Water Softener to Relieve the Symptoms of Hard Water

You might be at a loss to explain why your home contains an inadequate water supply, but 1st Call Plumbing, Heating & Air isn’t. Hard water can be responsible for uncomfortable clothing, dry skin, poor drinking water, and all the other symptoms driving you crazy. It’s the result of high counts of mineral content in your drinking water. Certain areas of San Antonio, TX require a water softener to counteract the impacts of hard water, and this is when we offer our proven services. 1st Call Plumbing, Heating & Air sells, installs, and services water softeners in San Antonio, Boerne, and New Braunfels, TX and the surrounding communities.


The Benefits of Water Softeners in San Antonio, TX

Hard water is a major expense in the house, often in small but significant ways. For instance, you’re probably using a water filter for drinking and cooking water, and the replacement filters aren’t cheap. Your washing machine and refrigerator requires soft water to run efficiently, and hard water reduces their lifespan. Fortunately, water softeners are effective at reducing even the highest mineral counts. While the obvious benefits of water softeners include better drinking water and pristine silverware, there are lesser-known benefits:

  • Many customers experience lower energy costs: Hard water results in something called limescale, which accumulates everywhere in your home’s plumbing system. Limescale makes it harder for your appliances to function. In particular, your 1/16th of an inch of limescale reduces energy transfer by 12 percent. Your energy bill is a significant component of your monthly budget, so reducing limescale is critical.
  • Your home’s pipes will thank you: The same limescale blocking your appliance’s efficiency performance also damages the pipes in your home. Limescale causes galvanic corrosion, which eats away at the surface of anything remotely conductive to electricity. Over time, you could be looking at a severe piping problem.
  • There are environmental benefits: Many of our customers are conscious of their ecological footprint. Hard water forces your appliances to work harder, which in turn drives up your electric bill. Reducing or eliminating hard water will allow for more efficient operation.
  • You won’t need to use as much soap: Hard water forces everyone in your home or office to use more soap because hard water prevents effective lathering. Believe it or not, you can use 75 percent less shampoo with soft water.
  • Soft water equals happier plants: All the chemicals in hard water harm your houseplants. By removing the harmful minerals from your water supply, you can grow healthier snake plants and string-of-pearls.

Contact 1st Call Plumbing, Heating & Air and Drink Clean Water Today

If you’ve dealt with hard water for years, there’s a chance your water heater has suffered damage. While we’re at your property installing a new water softener, we can inspect your water heater to see if it needs repairs or replacement. Water heaters and softeners go hand-in-hand, so it’s not a bad idea to ensure both are functioning as they should. To learn more about our water softener services and how they impact your water heater, contact 1st Call Plumbing, Heating & Air.

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